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Your love project needs a new website or your agency could use some web project management help with its clients? We are here to support you.
Our freelance project manager hub will keep your projects safe and your clients happy.

Who we are?

Our team of experienced project managers is primarily focused on coordinating digital projects, website development and online marketing. We’ve worked in advertising agencies, development companies and media companies as well, where we’ve gained our more than 15 year long professional experience. Now we all work as freelancers teamed up only for your projects. Check out here how working with a freelancer can benefit your company.

We support your love projects or act as your agency’s new project manager if you need some more resource for your clients’ projects.

We’ve also built a great team of professional designers, developers and copywriters collegues. Let us know if you would like them to join your project along with us and we can set up the best team for your unique project needs.

How do we help?

Our working method depends on your project and your needs. We will find the best way for us as soon as you tell us a little more about what you have in mind for this cooperation.

As an agency you might need a bit more project management resource than what you have in-house at a given moment. Our team can help you in the most critical times and support you with PM resource as soon as you need it for your clients’ projects.

If you would like a website or an application for your own love-brand, our talented team of project managers is here to help you. We’ll be there with you during the whole process from the planning until the moment, when we finally get your website published.

Why choose a freelance PM team and why us?

  • We have more than 17 years of experience in managing digital projects
  • We are flexible, we can start with your project immediately
  • You only pay for the given project, no additional costs
  • We can work with the developer or graphic designer you like, or we can bring you our suggestions
  • If you have an agency, we are more than happy to play ‘in your colors’ and use your company e-mail address when communicating with your client
  • And most of all, we enjoy what we do.


Web development management

Online development projects for websites, webshops or applications.

Digital team coordination

Setup of full digital teams for a given project.

Functional specification

Detailed specification of the project requirements which supports the developer in accomplishing the given project.

Process optimisation

Finding and introducing the best digital processes for your team to support the best day-to-day workflow.

Campaign management

Coordination of online campaigns with subcontractors and partners.

Social marketing

Social solutions for Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn platforms for your brand.



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